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Angela Aki New PV

2 days ago we had the broadcast of the all new Pv from Angela Aki's new studio album release "Answer". It is a great , in my opinion, remix of the all time classic "Knocking on heavens door" played entirely on piano.

You can see this new PV here.

Angela Aki
, born on 15 September 1977 in Itano, Tokushima Prefecture, Shikoku, Japan, to a Japanese father and an Italian-American mother, is a Japanese singer-songwriter.

In 2005 in Japan, she released an indie mini-album under Virgo Music entitled One, which alerted Nobuo Uematsu to her music. Angela Aki is now signed under Sony Japan. In 2005 she was announced as the singer of the Final Fantasy XII theme song, “Kiss Me Good-Bye.”

Now she is releasing her 3rd album since the day she joined the big family of Sony music Japan under the title "Answer" at the 25th of February.

You can pre-order the cd here.

Angela aki Official Website



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