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[ALBUM] Creid - Yasunori Mitsuda & The Millennial Fair

Track listing

All music composed by Yasunori Mitsuda.

# Title                                                                                                       Lyrics         Length
1. "Melkaba"                                                                                                             7:24
2. "Two Wings" (Futatsu no Hane (二つの羽根?))                             Junko Kudo           2:57                    
3. "Balto"                                                                                                                     5:34
4. "Creid"                                                                                             Yasunori Mitsuda   4:40                                                      
5. "Dajil"                                                                                                                     4:11
6. "Stairs of Light" (Hikari no Kaidan (光の階段?))                              Junko Kudo           3:44
7. "October Mermaid" (Kaminadsuki no Ningyo (神無月の人魚?))                           4:07
8. "Spring Lullaby" (Haru no Komoriuta (春の子守歌?))                       Junko Kudo   5:28
9. "Lahan"                                                                                                                     4:32
10. "Möbius" (MOBIUSU (メビウス?))                                                       Junko Kudo   6:24

Musicians involved:

Yasunori Mitsuda – composer, producer, arranger, keyboards, programming

Millennial Fair :

Tetsuko "Techie" Honma – vocal on "Two Wings", "Stairs of Light", "Spring Lullaby", and "Möbius"
Eimear Quinn – vocal on "Creid"
Yoko Ueno – chorus
Kimiko Komatsu – chorus
Hitoshi Watanabe – bass
HATA (Hiroshi Hata) – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric sitar
Tomohiko Kira – bouzouki, electric guitar
Davy Spillane – uilleann pipes, low whistle
Laurie Kasza – tin whistle
Kinya Sogawa – shakuhachi, shinobue
Haruo Kondo – bag pipes
Maria Kalaniemi – accordion
Anne-Marie O'Farrell – Celtic harp
Laoise Kelly – Celtic harp
Máire Breatnach – fiddle
Tamao Fujii – percussion
KALTA (Hidenobu Ootsuki) – co-arranger, drums, programming

If you like the album plz buy it here and support the artist.
And as always any feedback is appreciated.


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