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[OST] Iga no Kabamaru OST

Just for old times sake. Here is the OST for Iga no Kabamaru. Enjoy. :)

Track Listing

01.Circus Game                                                    3:25
02.The Spy Game                                                1:09
03.Kurisutaru Warutsu                                       1:06
04.Koi Wa Kibun Shidai                                       1:24
05.Ninpou [Mirakuru] Men                                1:36
06.Igano Koiuta                                                    1:50
07.Shuriken [Rarabai]                                         1:41
08.Koi Shite [Pinku]                                             2:59
09.How much ii Kao                                             2:09
10.Kingyoku Gakuin [Ma-Chingu Te-ma]        1:22
11.Kotogu No [Merodi]                                        1:44
12.Ok Gakuen No Kettou                                    1:48
13.Walking Pants                                                  0:43
14.Yakisoba Ondo                                                 3:17
15.Zukkoke Chanbara Ge-mu                            1:37
16.Senchimentaru Memori                                 1:00
17.Wanda Suku-ru Ai No [Te-ma]                    1:08
18.Ninja [Dansu] ha Watashi to                         1:09
19.Sekiyou no Yuuhi                                            1:16
20.[Raburi] Asagoromo [Bo-i]                           3:17
21.Magic Power                                                   0:57
22.[Sumimasen] My love                                   3:36

And as always any feedback is appreciated! :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the OST !

This classic 80s anime is a favourite of mine and been looking for the music for a really long time, you have my deep grattitude <3

all the love from Saudi Arabia ~

Maha said...

Hontony Aregato gozaimashta ^^
looking for it for a long time..
I'm an admire of this anime .

Anonymous said...

A million thanks from Kuwait

Faisal said...

Thanks man!!
Greetings from UAE ^^

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! ...from Greece.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this Great Ost . Does anyone knows where to find the theme from the fighting scene with Hayate or simular.Its not in the OST and its very very good.Regards from Greece and keep up the Great Work.Arigato

Anonymous said...

Thanks, greetings from Turkey!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much !!! ...from France :D

Anonymous said...

Many Many thanks. I loved this anime since i was 4 years old. i remember it well. you really bring back the beautiful days into my memory. i also was searching for this sound track for a very long time. From Saudi Arabia. THANK YOU SO MUCH


Anonymous said...

thank you!!.. from Greece!

Anonymous said...

its missing 1 theme, the 1 that plays when cabamaru thinking the spaggeti which hayate gave him. can anyone help?

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much ! Love from Greece

Tokufriends said...

Thank you, from Brazil o/

UnbreakableAli said...

Thanks a million from Palestine

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this! I just started to watch this anime today! I love that 80s vibe! I will be sure to check out other music you have here on your blog. Thanks again for keeping you blog and these music files alive!