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[album] Concerto Moon - Decade of the Moon

Decade of the moon is a Best of compilation by japanese power metal band Concerto Moon.

Track Listing

Disc 1
1.Alone in the Paradise04:48
2.Run to the Sky06:02
3.Over the Century08:28
4.Take You to the Moon 0104:41
5.Change My Heart07:15
7.Dream Chaser04:52
8.The Last Betting04:52
9.From Father to Son05:11
10.Time to Die05:15
11.Lonely Last Journey06:09
12.Victim of Desire04:05
Disc 2
1.Unstill Night07:16
2.To Die for05:43
3.Over and Over05:33
5.Its Not Over05:08
6.The Answer04:36
7.Glorious Death04:37
8.30 Min.in the Darkness05:57
9.Find the Key05:58
10.Like A Beast04:37
11.The Gladiator05:54
12.Concerto Moon05:14
Disc 3
1.Change My Heart (Indies Omnibus Ban G So)07:16
2.Breaker (Accept Cover)03:39
3.Surrender (Guitar Extended Ver.)05:20
4.Highway Star (Deep Purple Cover)06:55[
5.To Die for (Demo)05:34
6.Gate of Triumph (Demo)04:58
7.A Battlefield to Nowhere ("Life On The Wire" Outtake)04:57
8.The Gladiator (Demo)05:42
9.Its Not over (Nagata Audition Take Ver)06:22
10.Rain Forest08:33
Total playing time03:12:03

Released : 2008
Genre : Power Metal
Label : VAP

CD1   CD2   
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Polykarpos said...

Πω πω .. και οι concerto moon έχουν κάνει τη φοβερή διασκευή στο αγαπημένο μου manga